The joy of making new friends is only surpassed by the pleasure of feeding them.

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Providence, RI

"Bre has an unbelievable gift."

She spoils my tastebuds, my heart and my stomach with magical culinary concoctions. Her innovative flavor/texture combinations paired with her unwavering commitment to using fresh ingredients create dishes that are other-worldly.

– Merry

"There is food, and then there is the creative wizardry that Bre cooks up."

Her pairings of flavors and textures introduces you to sensations that you simply have never experienced before. Bre can transform any vegetable into an exotic dish that makes your mouth water.

– Louis

"Bre is a culinary genius."

I have never eaten anything from her that I didn’t absolutely love. Thinking about her food induces drooling…

– Mitchell

"Every Monday is like Christmas morning!"

Our whole family gathers around for the unboxing! Truly, it is impossible to pick a favorite dish. Chicken is divine. Pork is ridiculous. Vegetables are unreal.

– Eve

"Bre has an amazing gift of transferring her kind-hearted personality, spirit and love through to her food."

I have tried many of her dishes and am consistently blown away with the quality and flavors she presents. I especially adore her delicious vegetarian dishes, my favorite being her super fresh zucchini fettuccine. Definitely try every morsel you can get your hands on.

– Elizabeth

"Oh my goodness! Bre's inspiration is endless."

The complexity of her creations are off the charts. I feel like my mind and taste buds are repeatedly blown when I sample one of her culinary creations. She’s a Master.

– Michaela

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