In the Round is a space for gathering.


Housed in a round, historic building, our hug-shaped walls set the mood for an intimate dining experience with secret society undertones.

Above all, In the Round is a home, defined by the people that fill it, be they friends who arrived together or met warmly over our community tables.

We hope that this is a place you can come just as you are, where plate-licking is welcome, intimacy is implied, and where authenticity of flavor and spirit are celebrated.

Fridays In The Round

Each week we open our doors and invite you in to our culinary world through a pre-fixe, single seating dinner party. Each multi-course menu is a one-of-a-kind expression of fusion cuisine, thematically united only by our goal to bring you joy.

Seating is limited to 26 guests, with a variety of table sizes be you in the mood for an intimate date night, a girls’ evening with 10 friends, or just to sit quietly with our cookbook library and mingle should the vibe move you.

Menus for forthcoming Fridays are posted the Sunday prior to an event, given our inspiration from seasonal ingredients. As this event tends to sell out quickly, we have added the option for guests to book up to 4 weeks out for yet-unseen menus that are guaranteed to dazzle. 

“Our guests are still talking about the amazing presentation, creative delicacies and overall fun that they had with you and the Bites by Bre team."

You were an amazing part of the success of this year’s event. I truly hope you’ll reserve next year’s date. We can’t imagine having the event without you!

– Sheri

"For over a year now we have been sampling the creations by Bre at her [Wayland Square] tastings..."

Her dishes are always creative, fresh and innovative, but most of all intensely satisfying. Thank you Bre for inspiring good conversation over delicious food, you’ve helped in creating a community!

– Mark

"Your menu of amazing offerings were delicious and thoughtfully presented"

I deeply appreciate your willingness to meet our changing needs. You brought so much grace to this process, delivered a truly terrific product, and made our event seem as if it were made by magic.

– Jennifer

"Bre has an amazing gift of transferring her kind-hearted personality, spirit and love through to her food."

I have tried many of her dishes and am consistently blown away with the quality and flavors she presents. I especially adore her delicious vegetarian dishes, my favorite being her super fresh zucchini fettuccine. Definitely try every morsel you can get your hands on.

– Elizabeth

"Bre’s food was incredible. Every guest raved about the dishes she made."

You can tell she pours her heart in to her cooking. She is very creative and talented. The flavor combinations were perfect. I would and I will recommend Bre to anyone looking for a wonderful catering experience.

– Scott

"Every meal made by Bre is a delicious and delightful surprise."

I am continuously amazed at the creative range of her cuisine, as well as her visual presentations. Bre is an artist in the kitchen. I eagerly look forward to tasting (experiencing) each new dish. Bre is bravely adventurous in her culinary compositions; combining ingredients that most chefs would never dream of…combinations that excite the palate, warm the soul and are worthy of enthusiastic conversation and sharing.

– David

"My first food memory of Bre is a summer salad with shaved, pickled watermelon rind – a flavor & texture explosion of fireworks in my mouth in the best possible way."

That first bite embodies her culinary point of view: hit all the notes on you palate in a harmonious chord, yet expect each subsequent forkful to be slightly different and new. Many, many meals later she continues to surprise and delight. And yet, for all her creative energy and talent she is one of the easiest people you’ll ever work with. You should absolutely invite her do right by you.

– Alan

Other Events In the Round

We are constantly inspired to team up with local artisans, be they other passionate chefs, bakers, farmers, writers, musicians, filmmakers, those trying to redefine the art of “gathering” or like-minded humans on a mission of authenticity and soul. We look forward to this venue serving as a community space for many unique, future, shared experiences and can’t wait for you to be a part of this.

To be the first to know about limited edition Events In the Round, sign up for our Newsletter, like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram. Also, if you have an idea for an event or a friend we need to meet, please drop us a line and make our day.


A Virtual, Candlelit Visit

Renting In the Round


Host your next gathering at In the Round, and we’ll make your vision come to life, be it a light cocktail party, a luxe mile-marker, a life story portrayed on the plate, or a custom designed event.

While we prefer hosting events with a strong culinary focus, and the implication of you using Bites by Bre’s catering services, we also understand that not every event warrants, or has budget for, a bountiful, gourmet spread. Because of this, we offer a pricing structure depending on type-of-use.

Naturally, there are as many types of events as there are moments in life worth celebrating, so the pricing below is just a conversation starting point. If you are interested in custom menu design, original dish creation, or special event coordination, we look forward to lending our enthusiasm.


Rental Amenities 


In the Round is located at 11-17 Aleppo Street, Providence, RI 02909. From the street, you can see a big number 17 on the door, as well as a round Bites by Bre sign. 


Seated events are configurable for a range of 10-26 guests. For cocktail and standing-room-only events, we have capacity for 40 guests. The majority of our tables are standard height (30″), with some bar-height (40″) tables with stools available for mingling-style parties.


For day-time (pre-5pm), weekday events, we have parking space for up to 12 cars. For evening, nighttime and weekend parking for up to 20 cars to the immediate left of our building, with more public parking available on adjacent streets.

Two handicapped parking spaces can sectioned off, given advanced notice, for easy access to our building entrance ramp.


Rental fees includes space access for a six-hour time block.

Additional rental time can be purchased for $120 / hr, covering our staff’s efforts to ensure that every guest is happy, full, relaxed and enjoying a clean environment. 


In the Round strives to be as accessible as possible. Our building ramp provides easy entry for wheelchairs, with the option of opening our double-doors for those using electric scooters. Our bathroom is fully ADA compliant with a generous turning radius space for those on wheels. 


In the Round is a BYOB venue, allowing our focus to be solely on making the best food in town. If you are interested in liquor pairings for a given menu, we will gladly connect you with our friends at Campus Fine Wines for an esteemed recommendation.

Those looking to provide guests with a full bar are welcome to hire with a local bartending service. Please contact us for a list of preferred partners. 


In the Round space rental extends to the use of our in-house plates, flatware, glassware, vases and other food service items. Because we have chosen to honor the historical value of our space by procuring serviceware with cool backstories, many of these pieces are antiques, sourced through world travels, or made by local artisans. We hope that you can appreciate our vibrant collection, but also understand if you want to bring in your own serviceware for a custom “look.”